Setting the 2011 Budget at 2008 Levels

House Resolution 38 was passed by a vote of 256-165. This Resolution instructs the House Budget Committee to write the budget for the remainder of fiscal year 2011 so as to be in accord with non-security spending levels of fiscal year 2008.

All of the Republicans present voted for H.Res. 38, as well as 17 Democrats: Altmire (PA-4), Barrow (GA-12), Boren (OK-2), Chandler (KY-6), Cooper (TN-5), Costa (CA-20), Costello (IL-12), Donnelly (IN-2), Holden (PA-17), Kissell (NC-8), Lipinski (IL-3), Matheson (UT-2), Peterson (MN-7), Quigley (IL-5), Ross (AR-4), Schrader (OR-5), and Shuler (NC-11).

It is interesting to note that three Illinois Democrats crossed the aisle to vote with their 11 Republican colleagues in Illinois for the spending cuts; in effect, 74% of the Illinois delegation voted for the spending cut.


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