Watching the Tea Party in Congress

The 112th Congress begins Wednesday, January 5th, 2011. Let us trust that this signals a counter-thrust to the silent war Progressives have been waging on the American people for the last 98 years.

Though few can remember 98 years ago to 1913, it was a momentous year: Woodrow Wilson, a Progressive scholar, became President; the Federal Reserve was established, giving an independent entity that is not accountable to the American people the power to regulate the economy; the 16th Amendment was ratified, allowing the Federal government to tax people’s incomes; the 17th Amendment was ratified, taking power away from the States by allowing Senators to be directly elected by the populace. In sum, a very dark time when first the Federal government purposely set out to place itself above its employers, we the people.

The new crop of Congressional members who were recently elected, along with a few who were re-elected, have made certain commitments to the electorate by which they can start to turn the tide against the Progressive movement; let us keep watch on them, review each day’s proceedings in the chambers of Congress, and keep tally. Let them know we are watching like hawks, and we will remember in 22 months hence when next they are up for election. They are on probation — we trust, but verify.


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