House Passes Budget Baseline Bill

The House passed HR 3578, a bill to amend the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985 to reform the budget baseline. The measure provides that for any program of more than $50 million, the anticipated expenditures in the following year shall be that of the current year unless explicitly raised by a Congressional action. It further mandates that the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) estimate tax revenues in budget projections up to nine years in the future at current levels. The intent of the bill is to bring to a halt the automatic rise in spending from year to year, and forestall attempts by spendthrifts in Congress and the administration to claim a spending cut when the rate of growth in a program is merely slowed down rather than actually cut in raw numbers.

All Republicans voted for the bill, along with four Democrats: Barrow (GA-12), Green (TX-29), Matheson (UT-2), and McIntyre (NC-7).


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