Senate Rejects Amendment to Rescind Unobligated USAID funds

The Senate rejected SA 613, an amendment proposed by Sen. Rand Paul (KY), to offset the disaster relief appropriations by rescinding amounts for foreign assistance programs. The measure simply takes funds that Congress has previously budgeted for, but have not been obligated to give to the US Agency for International Development, and applies such funds to offset domestic disaster relief funding.

Nineteen Republicans and one Democrat Senator (Ben Nelson (NE)) voted for the amendment: Barrasso (WY), Burr (NC), Coburn (OK), DeMint (SC), Enzi (WY), Grassley (IA), Hutchison (TX), Inhofe (OK), Johnson (WI), Lee (UT), Moran (KS), Paul (KY), Roberts (KS), Sessions (AL), Shelby (AL), Thune (SD), Toomey (PA), Vitter (LA), and Wicker (MS).


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