Senate Rejects Ethanol Tax Credit Repeal

In a mostly partisan vote, the Senate voted 40-59 to reject an amendment to the Economic Development Revitalization Act.
The amendment, offered by Senator Tom Coburn (OK) would have repealed the $3 billion excise tax credit and the tariff on ethanol imports, known officially as the Global Climate Change Mitigation Incentive Fund.

The thirteen Republican Senators (who all hail from corn-producing states) voting against S. Amdt. 436 to S. 782 were: Blunt (MO), Coats (IN), Cochran (MS), Grassley (IA), Hoeven (ND), Johanns (NE), Kirk (IL), Lugar (IN), Moran (KS), Portman (OH), Roberts (KS), Thune (SD), and Wicker (MS). Six Democrats joined the majority of the Republicans voted in support of the repeal: Cantwell (WA), Lieberman (CT), Manchin (WV), Pryor (AR), Tester (MT), and Webb (VA).


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