House Passes Resolution to Bar President from Deploying Ground Troops in Libya

H.Res. 292 passed by a vote of 268-145, which prohibits the President from deploying ground troops in Libya for other than rescue missions. The resolution also requires the President to submit a report to Congress within fourteen days (by June 17th, 2011) detailing US security interests in Libya, the activities of US Armed Forces in Libya since March 19th, his justification for not asking Congress for authorization to conduct military activities in Libya, and the costs of the engagement.

Forty-five Democrats voted with the majority of Republicans for the measure, and ten Republicans joined the dissenting minority, with Rep. Maxine Waters (CA-35) voting “Present”.

The ten Republicans voting against the resolution are as follows: Campbell (CA-48), Flake (AZ-6), Gohmert (TX-1), Huelskamp (KS-1), Johnson (IL-15), Jones (NC-3), Pearce (NM-2), Schweikert (AZ-5), Walsh (IL-8), and West (FL-22).


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