House Overwhelmingly Rejects Obama’s Debt Ceiling Raise

H.R. 1954,a bill to implement the President’s request to increase the statutory limit on the public debt, was rejected in the House by a vote of 318-97. The proposed new debt ceiling would have been set at $16.7 trillion, an increase of $2.407 trillion.

Eighty-two Democrats joined with all 236 Republicans to shoot down the proposal which Rep. David Camp (MI-4) introduced as a test measure of the political will to raise the national debt without spending reductions. A large number of the Democrats rejecting the bill were fiscal conservatives representing divided districts, but some others from secure districts were following the advice Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (MD-5) to vote against the bill in order to lay the blame for spending cuts in a future debt ceiling bill on the Republicans.


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