Two Month Report of House Republican Performance

After two months into the new session of Congress with a new crop of freshman voted into office by Americans concerned with the growth of government, the new Republican majority has made some gains in changing the direction of legislation.

It is difficult to ascertain just how much effect the Tea Party has had on the actions of the Republican House members though; the members who have joined Rep. Michele Bachmann’s Tea Party Caucus have not shown voting records distinctly different from that of their colleagues, nor has the freshman class distinguished itself significantly either. The overall average of the Republican voting score stands now at 81.9%, the freshman Republicans’ average score is 82.5%, and the Tea Party Caucus members’ average score stands at 83.5%.  While these show some difference in pure numbers, none are statistically significant, as the standard deviation is 6.9.

It may be suggested that a general tendency among all Republicans to vote in a more conservative direction is taking place, but it is next to impossible to prove, as there is no control population to test it against.

Time will tell how the different members either go back to voting in patterns of business as usual, or becoming more principled in their stances. The score chart will undoubtedly change for many members, and will prove to be an invaluable guide for voters in next year’s primaries in deciding whether their particular representative needs to be replaced or kept in office.



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