House Ratifies Senate Amendment to Patriot Act Sunset Provisions

The House ratified HR 514, extending three provisions of the Patriot Act to May 28, 2011 as amended by the Senate by a bipartisan majority of 279-143.

Twenty-six Republicans voted against the measure:

Amash (MI-3), Bartlett (MD-6), Bishop (UT-1), Broun (GA-10), Campbell (CA-48), Duncan (TN-2), Fitzpatrick (PA-8), Gibson (NY-20), Graves GA-9), Hanna (NY-24),  Heller (NV-2), Hultgren (IL-14), Johnson (IL-15), Jones (NC-3), Kingston (GA-1), Labrador (ID-1), Mack (FL-14), Marchant (TX-24), McClintock (CA-4), Paul (TX-14), Rehberg (MT-at large), Roe (TN-1), Rohrabacher (CA-46), Schilling (IL-17), Schweikert (AZ-5), Woodall (GA-7).


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