Extension of Patriot Act Sections Fails in House

H.R.514, which extends three expiring provisions of the Patriot Act failed to pass on a 271-148 vote Tuesday, February 8th, 2011 (it requires a 2/3 majority). The three key sections concern access to business and library records, concerning individual terrorists as agents of foreign powers, and the ability to authorize roving wiretaps. These sections were up for renewal on a sunset provision last renewed in 2005.

Twenty-six Republicans, mostly freshmen and/or Tea Party sponsored, joined with 122 Democrats to deny the extension of the enhanced powers to federal agents: Amash (MI-3), Barlett (MD-6), Bishop (UT-1), Broun (GA-10), Campbell (CA-48), Duncan (TN-2), Fitzpatrick (PA-8), Gibson (NY-20), Graves (GA-9), Heller (NV-2), Hultgren (IL-14), Johnson (IL-15), Jones (NC-3), Kingston (GA-1), Labrador (ID-1), Mack (FL-14), Marchant (TX-24), McClintock (CA-4), Paul (TX-14), Rehberg (MT at large), Roe (TN-1), Rohrabacher (CA-46), Schilling (IL-17), Schweikert (AZ-5), Woodall (GA-7), and Young (AK at large).


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