ObamaCare Repeal Passed In House

H.R. 2, Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act, was passed on a 245-189 vote January 19th, 2011. All Republican members voted yea, along with three Democrats: Dan Boren (OK-2) Mike McIntyre (NC-7), and Mike Ross (AR-4).

Larry Kissell (NC-8), who was one of four Democrats who voted to bring the bill to the floor for debate in H. Res. 26, and also voted against the original Affordable Health Care Act a year ago, declined to vote for the repeal in the final moment. Kissell’s district includes Ft. Bragg (home of the Special Forces), and Pope Air Force Base, which gives a conservative cast to his electors. But it does not explain his flip-flopping on this measure. Let us trust that the voters in his district remember this vote 21 months from now.


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