Pay Reduction Passed

House Resolution 22 which reduces House member allowances by 5%, and reduces House Committee staff salaries by 9% was passed 408-13.
No Republican voted against it.
The following Democrats voted against this spending reduction:
Ackerman (NY-5), Clarke (NY-11), Conyers (MI-14), Ellison (MN-5), Filner (CA-51), Honda (CA-15), Jackson (IL-2), Lee (CA-9), Moran (VA-8), Payne (NJ-10), Schakowsky (IL-9), Towns (NY-10), and Woolsey (CA-6).
Apparently, they felt unable to take a hit in the wallet like other Americans. Though it is more of a gesture than any real reduction in Federal spending (it saves the taxpayers approximately $25 million), it signals just who will not compromise at any level for more responsible government.


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