A Daily Watch Over Congress

If we are to survive as a nation, we need to work to ensure those whom we entrust in government do that which is right and proper for a constitutional republic.This site serves to keep a daily watch over what our elected servants in Congress do, and whether they remain in step with the Constitutional principles laid down by our Founders.

I will not post ordinary proceedings or bills that are concerned with naming post offices etc. Nor shall I post procedural voting records; only votes on bills and amendments that reflect how Congress acts in matters significant to Tea Party principles. I will try to post the daily legislation the next morning, or the next day at the latest. I will update the score cards once per week (usually Sunday).

This is not a discussion or debating forum, so please limit your comments to corrections and intelligent analysis of the subject matter. Comments are moderated prior to posting.

I have score cards displayed on separate pages for members of Congress, rating them as to how they vote on vital issues in my estimation. Another page displays the significant legislation that has been voted on.
Thank you for visiting; comments and suggestions of how to improve this site are welcome.

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